Five Values For Every Entrepreneur To Live By

Original article from YAHOO7 Financepublished on Jan14, 2016.

As an entrepreneur for a number of years, I’ve spent my time around many people in business around the globe.

Working for yourself is incredibly rewarding, it also takes hard work and perseverance and what is fundamentally important is a vision for how you want to grow and a strong belief in yourself and the value you have to offer.

Having grown a number of companies from the base up, I’ve come to learn that those who excel in business all have these five common values.

1. Vision

You need a huge vision in order to be successful. If you have no vision you’ve already lost the battle.

My vision for launching my positive cleaning business TIOBOX is about doing something that has never been done before. It’s about solving a problem for people and revolutionising the way that people live by allowing people to change their mindset about cleaning.


2. Resilience

In business you have to keep going at all costs despite what anyone says about you and your ideas. I’ve had people be critical of my vision, but you have to have thick skin and not let the opinions of others effect you.

Surround yourself with people who support your vision and ideas and lift you up. As an entrepreneur you’re going to have set backs. Building a business takes time and despite the amount of times you fall down you just keep going and keep showing up.

3. Fearlessness

Being fearless means not being afraid of failure. That conviction that you have in yourself and your business drive success. Be ready to take risks in business. There’s a different between doing things that are risky and taking risks.

Get clear on that and be prepared to put everything on the table. Be prepared to work long hours and sacrifice social engagements and even relationships.

4. Passion

I spend every waking hour thinking about my brand and my product and how to improve it and the efficiency within my company. This is because I am truly passionate about it. My mission for my start-up TIOBOX is to make it a must-have brand for households and see it expanded to markets in the United States and Asia.

If you have real passion for your business it will drive you to make it happen. If you’re missing that then it’s more difficult to motivate yourself to get your business the traction it needs to get off the ground.

It’s also critical to be a pioneer of what you do, even if you don’t reinvent the wheel, how can you do things differently to your competitors.

5. Open minded

If you’re open minded you’ll be more aware of opportunities when they are presented to you. If you are afraid of change then you are limiting yourself to what is ahead of you.

Be open to whatever the situation is and be able to keep going no matter what the change is. Also patience is key – our current project has taken years to put together. We’ve had to design and research the product, talk with manufactures, build prototypes and put it to market.

Sometimes things in business move more slowly than you would like and patience is key.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. I don’t ever stop thinking about progressing my business ambitions. If you have an idea you want to explore start taking action and live by these values everyday.

Laurent Mas is the Co-Founder of TIOBOX and Managing Director and Founder of Tekamas, a boutique advisory and development firm.